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Argonaut provides Information Technology Consulting Services, Implementation, IT & Business Management and IT support for businesses and organizations in the DC Area.
Maximizing your investments in technology requires a graph of the big picture without losing sight of the smallest details.
At Argonaut, we understand what’s required for people, processes and technology to effectively interact so your organization’s strategic goals can be met.
Our philosophy is that our customers should be focused on running their core businesses – and not their technology. That’s where we come in.



How We Can Help Your Business Grow:


When it comes to Consulting support, we understand that all businesses have different needs. As a result, we’ve arranged our support services to fit the needs of your organization. We can help you in three different ways:


  1. Outsource all of your IT, HR & Intelligent Transport System (ITS) support
  2. Supplement your existing IT staff
  3. Provide IT, HR & transit ITS consulting and special project services


Our clients have seen numerous benefits as a result of our business acumen, as well as our regulatory compliance knowledge and experience; providing the best consulting, and defensible compliance services available in the State of Virginia, Maryland, & DC. Our clients experience:


  1. Immediate Positive Results
  2. Reduced Risk
  3. Fewer Failures
  4. Greater Employee Productivity
  5. Operational Cost Savings
  6. Increased Profitability


Argonaut believes in a sense of urgency when building best in class service and strategy to support our clients’ computer networks, something that often, but understandably, gets lost by clients as they look to grow their business and service their own customers.